The Original New York-san
Yet Another Arashi Dream…

Better yet a Nino dream…or maybe a Gantz: Perfect Answer dream.

Basically, I was on the phone with incoherentelegy and suddenly I heard a truck driving down the road. I hung up the phone and quickly rushed outside and saw what looked like a FedEx truck that was modified with “Gantz: Perfect Answer” images and logos on its side.

Then, inside the truck was, Nino and he was wearing a Gantz t-shirt with the Gantz orb on it, a black vest, jeans, and a baseball cap with the Gantz logo and orb on it. As he was driving along the block, he kept tossing out DVD, (perhaps Bluray), copies of “Gantz: Perfect Answer” to every doorstep as any paperboy would do with a newspaper. With every throw, Nino let out a passionate: “HYAKU!!” With a smile going ear to ear, he was the only one going around to support his movie

I ran up to the truck and it came to a soft stop. I went to the door and said “Nino, I’m a big fan… I LOVE YOU!!” and he simply tipped his hat, handed me a copy of the DVD, and let out a casual “Douzo.”

He then went back to his business and as he drove off into the distance, I heard his “Hyakus” grow fainter and fainter…as I stood there in absolute shock. My life was complete.

Then I woke up! -__-